Absaroka's Tank of ByDog

Nicknames: Tankers, Tankinator,

Position: Team, Wheel, Lead (occasionally)
DOB: 01/11/2011

Sire: Absaroka's Kodyak
Dame: Absarokas Paluk Naryshkina

Status: Retired

Tank is definitely his mother's boy.  In his prime he was SUPER strong and crazy.  He's all legs; built like a horse.  His name is very appropriate for him for multiple reasons.  He was a large rolly polly tank of a puppy, he can hold a massive tank of pee (he can pee for minutes at a time) and he loves playing in the "tank" of water in the dog yard in the summer.  Tank is a big, crazy love bug and the power to our team.  He could run in lead though he was hit or miss given the day. When he was on he was phenomenal but when he was off, it was a rough run for everyone involved.

He now struggles with arthritis pain in his back and we're all trying to manage it. He now only runs to stretch his legs on easy canicross days.






Tank 8 months



01262011 M1 face

02062011 M1 (3)

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