Kona of ByDog
Nicknames: Koni, Kons, One
Lead, Anywhere
DOB: 10/1/2005
Passed: 5/5/15
Lineage: unknown
Status: retired

Kona is a very special dog.  It's been said many times, but we would take 100 more just like her.  Very (strangly, for a husky) obediant and very much a people pleaser.  She works so hard for us whatever she is doing and is a great puppy trainer.  I always have a hard time deciding where in the gangline to place Kona because I could use her everywhere, in lead for reliability or in team positions to help out any trouble makers or train new dogs.  Kona, GOOD DOG!





As Kona is a rescue dog, we unfortunately do not know her pedigree.

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