Betty's Isis of ByDog

Nicknames: Ice, Icey, Tiny One, Terrorist

Position: Team
DOB: 08/10/2010
Sire: My Anubis
Dam: Betty's Goddess Persephone
Status: Semi-retired. Runs with her boys. Keegan's canicross gal

Though she may be small, she has a lot of heart.  She naturally does well in and wants to lead, though she will run anywhere just fine.  She enjoys running and also a good lounge on the couch.  Another solid dog in the team that is "maintance free" in the gangline and does her "job" happily. From the beginning she was the boy's dog. Our eldest's favorite because they grew up together and she never jumped on him as a pup. It's hard to believe Isis is 9.






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