ByDog's Bucksaw Cooper

Nicknames: Buckaroo, Buckster
Intact Male

Position: Team, Wheel, Main Canicross Dog

Born: November 1, 2013
Dame: Absaroka Okanogan Naryshkina
Sire: Windtalker's Tensaw of ByDog

Status: Main Race Team

Buck has grown to be more and more like his father, Tensaw. He looks like Tensaw, acts like Tensaw, talks like Tensaw. But he is BUCK! He has become my main canicross dog. Buck and I competed in the fall of 2019 at the IFSS World Dryland Championships in canicross. He was a good boy and ran well, I unfortunately was the slower partner in the pair and we had one of our slower races. He made me proud, not only at the race but the whole trip. He was a wonderful pal to take along on a journey overseas.

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