ByDog's Buzzsaw Millwright

Nicknames: Buzzer, Buzz Wuzz, Buzzie, Buzzard

Position: Team
November 1, 2013

Dame: Absaroka Okanogan Naryshkina
Sire: Windtalker's Tensaw of ByDog

Status: On again off again the team

Buzz is a pretty special dog. This guy is super loyal which is uncharacteristic for a Siberian husky. He will wait for me for hours while I work in the garden. He's pretty goofy and really likes to come in the house. This poor guy suffers from seizures of unknown origin, although we've tried to figure out why. They are currently determined to be idiopathic epileptic seizures and he's treated for that.

The seizures have taken a toll on him so sometimes he's up for a run, sometimes not. For this reason, in the last few years, he's not on the race team. But was equally as strong and fast when he was young.

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